Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) reviews “Gambling on Extinction”

EIA-Logo-CYAN-JPEGThe Environmental Investigation Agency is known for their in-depth, undercover investigations into wildlife crime. With offices in the US and the UK, EIA ensures that the smuggling and poaching of endangered species remains at the forefront of global policy discussions.

We were privileged to have the support of EIA and its founder Allan Thornton in the making of Gambling on Extinction. Mr. Thornton is featured in the film and offers one of the most poignant calls to action:

The world has two choices. We can have elephants. Or we can have ivory trade. We can’t have both.

EIA recently shared a review of the film on their website:

An investigative documentary, Gambling on Extinction shines a light on this devastating transnational crime, covering supply and demand, the involvement of criminal syndicates, and links to terrorism. The film is intense, with graphic images sweeping across the screen, conveying the brutal and bloody reality of the poaching epidemic plaguing Africa’s iconic wildlife.

Read the entire article here: Enviro Film Festival’s Gambling on Extinction Drives Home the Atrocious Reality of Poaching

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